Last Three Days

I set out from Colorado three days ago. Seems longer, but maybe thats from driving 25 out of 72 hours. My girlfriend and I (Danica)

are heading to Nashville, just us…my guitar….some art…and a pickup truck. We’ve dropped off paintings in Oklahoma city at the great JRB gallery.
Then, a short drive and we were in Ft. Worth visiting the Beadles family (and dropping off more art). Dallas the next day for an awesome lunch with the cool Greg Z. (and dropping off more art). And then another short drive to Little Rock.

Staying in this awesome place that the wonderful Mason family has provided

View of Little Rock

and, also being stuffed from amazing fried catfish

I’m in a pretty thankful state of mind!
To have friends and long time supporters of me, and my music, and my parents art, welcome me (and my tall blond pretty girlfriend haha) into their homes for dinner, show me their cities, take me to an out of the way, one of a kind, truly “locals spot”

makes the road pure pleasure full adventure!

We’re off to Nashville tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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