Colorado Road Adventures

We’ve been having a blast out here on the road! It’s been such an honor opening for some of my favorite musicians and playing for great Country crowds!

Below are some photos and video of clips from our recent Adventure Travels:

It began with Ty playing music at our National Forrest campground outside of Salida with long time friend Mike Rosso. Nearly 20 years ago Ty sat around a campfire trying to play guitar and sing with Mike playing good mando. Soon there after Mike moved to Salida and began publishing his interesting Colorado Central Magazine. So, nearly 20 years later Mike was able to play good music at our camp with the young guy that he encouraged so many years ago….


Then on to open for Robert Earl Keen at the Arvada Center….
Above, our “Bus” (left) isn’t quite as big as Keen’s…But, we sure like our new RV!
Ty sure enjoyed playing a house concert for some good friends in Cedaredge. Their great hospitality in allowing us to park on their beautiful ranch is greatly appreciated.


Campsite-Coops_0014 1e

See one of their smaller spring fed the ponds above.

More Fun Radio Interviews, in Avon


PastedGraphic-1 copy
at the Garfield County Fair
PastedGraphic-2 copy
and in Montrose.


The band and Ty throughly enjoyed playing for some real County & Western folks at the Garfield County Fair where Josh Turner sold out his concert as the Headliner.
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Longtime Garfield County Commissioner friend John Wyatt Martin and his wife Nancy treated us like “kings” with our “All Access Lanyards”. And we especially appreciated them for staying to listen to the band instead of rushing off to the Josh Turner Meet & Greet. John has been the driving force behind all of the successful years of great upgrades at the Fair Grounds that have turned it from and “eyesore” to a beautiful “state of the art” fair ground facility. Councilman Martin also served in the Sheriffs Department for years and he’s still getting bucked off his horses while “Keeping It Western”!  Commissioner Martin, Greg, Artist Nancy Martin above L to R:



OlatheTShirt_0564e copy
The Olathe Sweet Corn Festival has a long 25 years history of legendary folks performing at the Corn Festival. e.g. Clint Black, Wynonna, Randy Travis, The Mavericks, Leann Rimes, Lonestar etc. etc. And Ty is honored to be on the new T-Shirt Above


Band_0215 copy

_0201e copy
This years headliner James Otto did a good job. Organizer Lynett Harold did a fantastic job of making the Band and their families feel very welcome. We had fun friends in from Durango and our special Alpine Bank Ladies Beth Drum and Allison Nadel were there to support us all…hats off to Alpine Bank sponsoring the Band to play at the Corn Festival as well as being major sponsors at the Garfield County Fair. Our great Cedaredge friends the Coopers and the Dills even danced on the stage so as to “Keep It Western”…surprisingly good dancers! What a great time in our RV “Green Room” with all of the great sweet corn we could eat!


Doc-Ty-ElkMtn_FixinFence0302e copy
Next, we were amazed daily by the beauty and hospitality of our Rancher friends the Daughenbaughs, their 5th generation rancher Daughter Adonna and Son-In-Law Troy Allen annnnd their special young super cute and hard working cowboy grandson and granddaughter at their Rocking C Bar Ranch along the Elk River in the beautiful Steamboat Springs Elk River Valley. They are certainly shining examples of hard working good folks “Keeping It Western”. We even got to do a little fence repair and load some cattle! Doc & Ty are up on their Elk Mountain fixing a little fence in the summer pasture.


While in Steamboat our friends Ollie Ballard and Nancy Jeffrey hosted a fine Ty House Concert at the special home that Nancy designed for Ollie some 10 years ago…great high ceilings created great acoustics along with super folks from the Strings Festival and the historic Chief Theater in attendance. We are looking forward to some great Ty Band events next Spring and Summer in the Steamboat area.
It is always great to have informed appreciative listeners at the more intimate House Concerts.




Next, we were back at Beaver Creek Resort for Ty & the Band to perform for 2 nights. Below many of the 500+ folks that were attending the Grand Tasting were moved to dance and have fun with the Band. We met many new fans mostly folks from Texas and that suited us just fine! We also got invited again to an amazing Sonoma Winery that would make a Northern California Tour very worthwhile!  The band much enjoyed being the guests of the very comfortable Charter Hotel and all had a good time.
Next back to Durango for the honor of opening for the great Jim Lauderdale on the 18th.  If you’ve listened much to Outlaw Country on SiriusXM Radio, then you’ve enjoyed the Jim & Buddy show.

Jackson, WY Trip


Man, it has been a busy few months! I’m finally back home and able to catch my breath!

Here are some photos from my trip to Jackson, WY:


Here I am playing at the Mill Iron Ranch in Jackson, WY. It was a total blast! Big thanks to Doug Roberts for having me out!


Left to right, Western recording artist Doug Roberts, legendary cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell and me. I was truly honored to “open” for Waddie, he is an american treasure and about as authentic as it gets!


Dad worked on the Teton Valley Ranch when he was in his 20’s, it was pretty neat to go back and see that spot myself. Wyoming has some pretty special country!

8f85aacd-b78e-453d-948d-534dd92bebe8The Hootenanny in Moose, WY has been keeping roots music alive in the valley for decades. It was really fun to play, the crowd was awesome!

Ty Shannon Greg

Here we are with Shannon McCormick at the very cool Jackson Hole Center For The Arts. Shannon is the owner of Live Event Strategies (JacksonHole Live) and program director for the beautiful theatre pictured. And now we’re excited to welcome him to the Tyller Music Team! With decades of valuable experience and his belief in me as an artist I feel very fortunate to have him on board!

I feel so lucky to have “work” that brings me to such beautiful places sharing my music with folks who want to listen!

Look for another email soon with an update on my recent adventures in Nashville!

Plus, details will be headed your way soon about “The Wrecking Balls” CD release party in November!

How to travel 2,604 miles in 11 days

Man, the first couple months of this year have flown by! It was a big push to complete my new album The Makings Of A Man. I’m really proud of how it turned out! And then taking to the road with it has been a blast. It seems like people really enjoy the new tunes and I sold out of CD’s, so that’s always a good thing!

I am super happy to be home, but the trip was AMAZING! I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends and supporters. Without the living rooms to play in and spare beds to sleep in, I would not have made it, haha.

Like the title says, I did 2,604 miles in 11 days…Passed through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and back home to Colorado through the eastern slope (which is like another state, right?). There is definitely some pretty country out there! And it was neat, once again, to see all the changes in landscape that the west has to offer!

It was a great trip for my career and my soul. I met awesome new people, got to spend time with dear old friends, hang out with crazy fun DJ’s, talk to truckers on the CB and play my songs for people who wanted to listen along the way! I’m a lucky boy!

Playing at the private Still Posh show in Stillwater. 70 good looking girls...and me, rough life right?!
Playing at the private Still Posh show in Stillwater. 70 good looking girls…and me, rough life right?!
Here I am with J who is the awesome Programing Director at super cool Red Dirt station KGFY in Stillwater, OK
Here I am with the incomparable Kasey! She put on the great VIP event at the Still Posh fashion boutique. Here we are at a Thunder game, so awesome!
Here I am with the incomparable Kasey! She put on the great VIP event at the Still Posh fashion boutique. Here we are at a Thunder game, so awesome!
Thunder Up!!
Thunder Up!!

After driving through a blizzard (no pictures of that, I was being a responsible driver!), I made it to Boulder…and my beloved Rocky Mountains  : )


My friend Monica, who is an amazing Cello player sat in with me at the Boulder House Concert. So fun!
My friend Monica, who is an amazing Cello player sat in with me at the Boulder House Concert. So fun! (thanks to Becca Greer for this photo!)


Kickin it with Mutt and Bob at KRFC in Fort Collins. It was a blast to chat with those dudes and play some tunes live!
Kickin it with Mutt and Bob at KRFC in Fort Collins. It was a blast to chat with those dudes and play some tunes live!
My guitar would really like to play Red Rocks someday : )
My guitar would really like to play Red Rocks someday : )

It’s a long walk up those stairs!

The drive to my mountain home
The drive to my mountain home

All in all, I just want to thank everyone I met an got to spend time with along the way! Onward!

Traveling Kind

Durango to Santa Fe is one of my favorite drives, especially through the Chromo valley.



I had a great time playing some new tunes for the Whitmore’s at their home outside Santa Fe. They are such gracious hosts as well as stellar friends and supporters.
It was also fun to jam with Ron a bit and hear some of his new tunes (he plays keyboards).

And, I got to see my buddy Ike!


Now, setting up for the private show at Still Posh!

Got to bring along an awesome C. Gregory Gummersall painting for a backdrop… Fits right in!

Between White And Yellow Lines

I’m pretty excited this morning! For good reason when ya think about it… The truck is packed and the wheels will be rolling here shortly on my first adventure of 2013!

I’m also excited to share my tales of wanderlust (or more likely complain about how flat it is between Santa Rosa and Amarillo) with you!

So, stay tuned…an exciting new chapter begins now! (Please excuse the dramatic bravado, I’m not usually up this early)


Trip And a New Song

So, It has been a while since I last made a bog post! These past few months have found me hole up out at the ranch writing songs… With an occasional venture into the “big city” of Durango to write some more songs with my friend Chris Bettin (a whole other blog post and batch of tunes that you will be hearing soon).

Although, recently I took a trip that found me in Oklahoma City for the National Reining Horse Association Futrity (a major competition of many a horse and rider). My friend, who is from the Denver area, was competing, so I went to help him out for a week. Flew to Denver, helped my friend drive the horses to OKC, and then we set up the stalls etc.

  okc Flight

It really was a great experience! I love being around the horses, they are serious athletes capable of pretty amazing stuff. And, the people are also great, pretty interesting – 600 horses and double that in people all in one area eating, drinking, (sometimes) sleeping “horse show.”

Blaze, my friends three year old stallion.
Blaze, my friend’s three year old stallion.


Anyway, I flew home back to Durango after a week of intense work, play and education (it’s amazing how much you can learn just by watching a horse).

This song is the first of many to be be inspired by the trip (and that flight) I suppose:

Journey Home

And then, we head west! Well….northwest first!
On our journey home from nashville we stopped off in southern Missouri to visit with artist and friend Zennon Duda. Zen lives in the quaint town of St. Mary, we stayed a night in his awesome studio/home there and had a blast!
The next morning, Zen had arranged for me to be interviewed by his friend “Cousin Carl” on KWKZ radio in Cape Girardeau. Man, what a fun time! Ol Cuz and “The Girl” are a blast to sit and visit with. Everyone at the station was so nice, all just good people! So, a big thanks to the KWKZ crew and Zen for the intro. I will put up a recording of the interview soon.




After MO and a night in Arkansas, we finally rolled into Austin TX!
For the past few days Austin has been treating us well! Really great music at the Continental Club

And of course amazing Mexican food!

And, big thanks to Dani’s friends in Austin for letting us stay!

That’s all for now, stay tuned….we’ll be heading home to the land of snow soon!


On this day of ponderence, I know I have much to be thankful for! I won’t bore you with a lengthy list of amazing things in my life…. But, I will tell you about last Monday!

One again, back in Nashville, I visited the Station Inn on a Monday night.

To hear the amazing Time Jumpers!
Having been turned on to them by my awesome mentor Gary Cook three or four trips back, I see them every time I’m in Nashville.
It’s amazing to see such talented musicians playin in this tiny little place, for FUN. And you can tell they’re having a ball!

Kenny Sears on fiddle and Vince Gill

Dawn, Joe, Kenny and Vince

Jeff Taylor on accordion, Ranger Doug (riders in the sky) and Dawn Sears.

So, I’m thankful to have again been inspired by these musicians…. And I had a nice little chat with Vince, he’s a very nice guy!

Last Three Days

I set out from Colorado three days ago. Seems longer, but maybe thats from driving 25 out of 72 hours. My girlfriend and I (Danica)

are heading to Nashville, just us…my guitar….some art…and a pickup truck. We’ve dropped off paintings in Oklahoma city at the great JRB gallery.
Then, a short drive and we were in Ft. Worth visiting the Beadles family (and dropping off more art). Dallas the next day for an awesome lunch with the cool Greg Z. (and dropping off more art). And then another short drive to Little Rock.

Staying in this awesome place that the wonderful Mason family has provided

View of Little Rock

and, also being stuffed from amazing fried catfish

I’m in a pretty thankful state of mind!
To have friends and long time supporters of me, and my music, and my parents art, welcome me (and my tall blond pretty girlfriend haha) into their homes for dinner, show me their cities, take me to an out of the way, one of a kind, truly “locals spot”

makes the road pure pleasure full adventure!

We’re off to Nashville tomorrow, so stay tuned!