Nashville recording artist and Colorado singer songwriter Tyller Gummersall began his career at the early age of eight performing Hank William’s Hey Good Lookin’ at the County Fair Talent contest.

That same year, Ty took the advice of a successful local performer and began taking lessons from his music mentor and two time national flat pick champ Gary Cook.

His eighth year was a big one in terms of getting his first horse, his first guitar, and winning his first talent contest! He persisted working at his future career and at fourteen he began voice lessons with respected Los Angleles voice coach Raven Kane Campbell.

His good fortune continued when he was able to record “Beer and a Rose” (Ty’s second album) with his Nashville Dream Band, a unit composed of members from Ryan Adams and John Prine’s bands (two of Ty’s musical hero’s) at the special Welcome to 1979 analog Nashville studio.

Tyller’s third studio album was produced by Grammy award winner Lloyd Maines. “Long Ride Home” was very well received, enjoying radio play across the country, tens of thousands of streams and positive reviews.

These days he splits his time between Nashville, Texas, and Colorado.
















“Colorado Rain” album 2010
“Beer and Rose” ep 2011,
“The Makings Of A Man” album 2013
“Live From The Henry Strater Theatre” 2014
“Kiss Me” ep 2015
“Long Ride Home” Album 2016
“Love Me When I’m Down” ep 2017


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Quotes on Tyller:

“Damn son, that’s some fine music.” Baron Lane – Twang Nation

“This will be a great record…..Tyller is a good guy….I know ya’ll are proud of him….onward. – Grammy award winning producer Lloyd Maines

“Your songs are great! …Gonna be a bad ass record!” – Pat Manske – Percussionist and Owner of The Zone recording studio.

“Congratulations on the Lloyd Maines project. He’s a great producer, and I know he won’t work with just anyone.” – Kyle “Trigger” – http:// savingcountrymusic.com

“Ty! Who in the hell is writing country music these days? And in the vein of Billy Joe Shaver? YOU ARE! really enjoyed these my friend…” – Tony Arata (hall of fame songwriter)

“Terrific music you have here. I’m going to play a couple on my show this week.” – Russell Hill – Express FM Portsmouth UK

“I listened to the songs and must say I am quite impressed! Great voice and fantastic songs.” – Asha Goodman Sacks and Co.

“Hey, I listened to Ty’s single and I am very impressed and would love a copy for the show.” – Jamie Hover

“I really enjoyed listening to his music. Though we do not play newer Country Music, we are Legendary Country for a reason, I do believe he has that Legendary sound which is refreshing to me. Good Luck to his future in music. I like his sound. Keep up the good work!” – Big Lou With You! The Range Legendary Country 105.7 and 98.1

“You are one of the few really talented Country artists making music these days Tyller Gummersall…Don’t ever stop, please.” – Angela Backstrom (Sweetheart Of The Radio WFHB Radio)

“Opening the show will be the local neo-country act Wild Country with 19-year old Ty Gummersall, a rural style singer-songwriter who himself may be only a plane ride to Nashville away from superstardom.” – Durango Herald Friday, August 28, 2009

“Tyller Gummersall is well beyond his years when it comes to liking, and playing music. Maybe it’s from being immersed in his parent’s record collection. Maybe it’s from being a student of the great Gary Cook. Whatever it is, Tyller’s influences
are heard within his music. He’s a great singer, and a great songwriter. Tyler Gummersall’s future will be within the realm Americana Music.” – Bryant Liggett KDUR Radio

“Tyller Gummersall has a raw passion in his voice that draws you into his songs” -Raven Kane

“Gummersall, who’s music falls somewhere between vintage country and Americana fare. A protégée of two-time national flat pick champ Gary Cook – best known locally for his work with the Bar-D Wranglers – Gummersall is a double threat on guitar and vocals as well as a songwriter whose sophisticated work belies his years” Chris Aaland – The Durango Telegraph